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María Barba: From Undergrad in Spain to Grad School in Denmark, MicroMasters Goes Where you Go

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Maria, a Spanish edX learner pursuing her Master’s in Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, shares  her experience taking MITx’s MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management.

I enrolled in the MicroMasters program while I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Spain. I liked the first coumaria1rse and decided that I wanted to complete the whole series. Being able to take the courses online was very important, as I moved to Denmark to attend graduate school after I finished my Bachelor’s. Because of my schedule, I couldn’t have joined a program if it meant that I would have to attend class. Even though I moved from one country to another, I can still continue with MicroMasters, because of the flexibility of the program. I can take the courses from anywhere.

As a graduate student in engineering, studying management from the supply chain perspective has given me a clearer view of what I want to do in the future. In my dream job, I would be working to optimize how things are planned within a company and then introduce a sustainability factor. MicroMasters is giving me the tools and knowledge I need to do both of these things.

The course team works very hard and they really care about the work they are doing. They are dedicated to answering questions and supporting students throughout the course and it really shows. After I complete the MicroMasters program online and my finish my graduate degree in Denmark, I’d like to apply to MIT and complete the Supply Chain Managment Master’s program on campus.

I would definitely recommend the program. I’ve learned so much and everything I’m learning can be applied to a future job. It’s also something good to show on my CV. MicroMasters is giving me the knowledge and credential that I need to prove to future employers that I have the skills necessary to succeed.

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